Who’s That Selfish Robot

Who's That Selfish Robot

Video edit by Panos T.

Marc Johnce – Who’s That Selfish Robot

James Blunt – Stay The Night (Fred Falke Remix)
Britney Spears – Selfish
Rihanna ft. David Guetta – Who’s That Chick?
Shakira – She Wolf
Ke$ha – Blow
Madonna – Celebration
Marina & The Diamonds – I’m Not A Robot






6 thoughts on “Who’s That Selfish Robot

  1. there are few producers like you the others mushups producers mix 2 songs …your great ….mix a lot of songs to make one….realy great…thanks

  2. Wow wow wow! This mix coming right after “Power of Rolling Along Till the World Ends” … just fantastic! Your mashup skills amaze me. I am a DJ in my 40s and truly appreciate your mixing mastery. You have taken “mashup” to a whole new level. Thank you for posting your works of musical art collage!

  3. i dont know how to save this i open the file bust cant save it
    i love all your mixes wish you made a cd would be amazing

  4. changed the player for the all 2011 tracks. just click the “arrow down” symbol for downloading the track. and stay tuned for my “Vol. 3” compilation album… coming soon 🙂

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