I Want All Girls (Who Run The World) Video Remix

Marc Johnce – I Want All Girls (Who Run The World)


3 thoughts on “I Want All Girls (Who Run The World) Video Remix

  1. This is an incredible mash-up! I love the beat, and how seriously ALL of the songs fit oh so well. You’re a brilliant DJ (if that’s the preferred term by you haha). I just had a few questions/comments about this mash up if you don’t mind? I’m wondering, since you’ve put so much attention to detail in this track, why is it that at a certain point the vocals don’t sync up with the music?

    Everything up to the first chorus sounds absolutely perfect! But the second part of the chorus where Beyonce’s “Run The World (Girls)” kind of takes over, is out of sync (same goes for this part in the second and third chorus). After that, in the second verse Madonna’s “Get Together” part is also a bit out of sync.

    Keep in mind, I don’t mean to criticize but I mean it more in a friendly advice sort of way. I’ll say it again; I LOVE your mash-up! These are just a few parts that struck me as odd, considering the rest of your track is completely in sync.

    I’m looking forward to hear the rest of your amazing work in the future! Keep up the great work and thank you so much for sharing this with us!

    Kind regards,

  2. I thank you for this small gift of music. It’s upliffting to hear such lyrics beeing mashed up as they say. I love all the women you chose. If more people could hear this song it would be Top 40 for sure .

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