Spaceman Shake It


Marc Johnce – Spaceman Shake It

Instrumental: Metro Station – Shake It
Acapella: The Killers – Spaceman
and some samples

Listen here:

Right click & save HERE!


7 thoughts on “Spaceman Shake It

  1. huge fan of the mash up BUT am very picky. Loved your Hot n Cold Maniac so had to search out more of your work. Always Need a good fast crotch jiggling playlist for workout and boxing. You have the touch! Great blends with just enough of the ridiculous to make it interesting. Thank you so much for your brilliance. Can’t wait to see what else you do- since I’m a ‘wish I could do that but don’t have a clue how to start (but I will before I’m 50)’ I’ve gotta wonder what you might do with the distinctive hook from the Police’s Ghost in the Machine…

  2. Uh, I meant, Spirits in the Material World….too late for thinking here in San Antonio, TEXAS.

  3. This is the best! The Killers and Metro Station are my favourite bands, these two songs are my fave!

  4. the link doesn’t seem to work anymore. all i get is “cannot read that file”. too bad though

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