Marc Johnce

I Want All Girls (Who Run The World)
2011/04/27, 3:08 PM
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Marc Johnce – I Want All Girls (Who Run The World)

Christina Aguilera – You Lost Me (Hex Hector Mac Quayle Remix)
Kat Graham – I Want It All
Beyoncé – Girls (Who Run The World)
Madonna – Get Together
Katy Perry – Pearl (not included at the video edit)
Dev ft. The Cataracs – Bass Down Low

Marc Johnce – I Want All Girls (Who Run The World) [Radio Edit]

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real great work…super mushup…..thanks….

Comment by jesus

Hey, these 2 versions are amazing, as I told you on the youtube channel! you’re talented, keep on working :)

Comment by k*world

just great..thanks

Comment by jesus

This one is amazing as usual. I look forward to each and every one of them. Thanks for the hard work. The Power of Rolling Along Till the World Ends is still rocking my world hehe.

Comment by Tom P

Very hot mashup! Totally awesome.

Comment by Millet

It’s really awesome!! I’m blown away.

Comment by lina

vvery nice! sounds very good

Comment by Aj

this is sooo good! got it on repeat!

Comment by leila loves

I friend just said “hey theres a new mash out..”
I was all “OMGeezers It’s a Jonce!” ran right over here & am not dissapointed

Comment by Troy

omgggg this is amazing i love it and i love you for thinking of it!!!
awsomeness right here Marc

Comment by Meghindo Romano

HEY! that was amazing, can you publish the lyrics?

Comment by eliza

love it! absofreakinglutely love it. Sending it to every female that I know because it’s just awesome.

Comment by echopraxialex

Wow, that is excellent! Love it.

Comment by thepurpledogpaintingblog


Comment by A

just downloading must be really good :)

Comment by grant wilson

your music is very great!!!!!i am love it

Comment by sac

Love it! You’re a genius!

Comment by Laura Bertozzo (@laurabertozzo)

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